Thursday, April 03, 2003

iv'e been looking at and although i hear heaps of great things about it im having real trouble actually finding articles of interest. I have just about had enough of commercials and subscriptions and join this and that alll i want is a freaken deasent article to read about e-learning that im going to find usefull in this class.
I was told about a web address ( by a lecturer that gives an idea about what carreer you should be heading into. it gives you a list of activities where you have to decide wheather or not you would enjoy doing it. The results i recieved were realistic and enterprising and they are as follows...

Realistic Work
Work that is practical and useful, that involves using machines or working outdoors and that may require using physical labor or one's hands. You may like activities that:
- Allow you to work with your hands
- Let you see the results of your work
- Allow you to work by yourself, rather than with other people
- Involve using machines, tools, and equipment

Enterprising Work
Activities that allow you to take a leadership role such as situations involving public speaking, sales and management. You may like activities that:
- Are fast-paced
- Require that you take on a lot of responsibility

The results i recieved are about right i do love doing things with my hands and i have always wanted and will one day become a firer man.... Thanks heaps xxx

Tuesday, April 01, 2003 (wierd URL for e-learning site.)
Ok, ive been doing this for hours now so its time for a break form all this and get down to something interesting despite typing goood and relative stuff for hours and pressing posts instead of post and publish.... geees sometimes hey.....

Any way the other night me and my mates let one of hour nights of the week as this seems to becoming a common thing get a bit grubby.. there was about eight of us that night and it was getting late as we were all tooo smashed to pick up any ladies... We decided to get a maxi taxi home and call it a night before the next one. We all jumped in fighting on the way in which by then the taxi driver should have just driven off as even i could already feel trouble brewing and what kind of deal was he thinking he was going to get any way with all us in the van... May be he was just a really nice guy with a big heart for drunks.......?

I don't think so..... (if you think so call 99864632 if not call 84756850 (cost $5.99/hr)or subcribe)

Any way we were getting near the park where we all live and decided to call it a stop.. the back door slowly slide open with anticipation on all our faces and we all fell out the door and did the bolt... We all jumped up and ran the best we could at the time which was pretty good... well at the time it felt like it was linford cristy syle any way...
We got about fifty meters away when we turned around. The taxi driver hadn't budged and we didn't know what the hell was going on as im sure he would of caught one of us considering our state or at least big jim (130kg - massive). We counted numbers and discovered on of us declared as a POW. Sharpy on of the guys had managed to pass out in the front seat and no one told him what was going on. He had slept through the whole ordeal. We continuaed to wonder back and pay the man but after a while decided just to keep running and let sharpy cop the bill if the driver could manage to wake him up... Cheers mate i love you... xxx

Monday, March 31, 2003

Hi Matt!
Thanks for the invite to your Blog - yes, you are supposed to subscribe to these news letters!
ASTD is an organisation - so you need to look for their e-zine and/or e-newsletter. Same with NCVER!
Also - use your Blog to record/recall your e-Learning experiences - fun/fears/frustrations etc!
Cheers - ABB